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Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Your First Guitar

Buying your first guitar can be a confusing process as there are several different kinds of guitars, many different brands, and a large number of designs. The array of choices can make you hold off on your purchase and lose interest in the hobby before you’ve begun. This article will help you make a confident and informed decision.

Steps to buying your first beginner guitar:

  1. Choose what type of guitar you want – Steel-stringed acoustic, Classical or electric.
  2. Settle on the style and Size
  3. Determine how much you are willing to spend.
  4. Buy accessories e.g tuner, capo etc..

Choose what type of guitar you want

Decide if you want an acoustic or electric guitar. Acoustics are great to learn on. No fancy bells and whistles. And if you’re going to have lessons, you’ll focus on how to sound as clear and precise as possible when you play. You can also choose between a classic nylon-stringed acoustic. Confused between steel string and nylon string(classical Guitar)? Their specifications may help!

Steel-stringed Acoustic:

  • Good for folk, pop, country, slow rock music
  • Has steel strings which can be hard on young fingers
  • Sounds bright and loud, great for strumming chords 
  • Lightweight but bit bulky

Nylon-stringed Acoustic(Classical Guitar):

  • Good for classical, flamenco, Spanish music.
  • Gentle on fingertips – perfect for young learners
  • Sounds mellow and soft – not as loud as acoustic

There is no right or wrong way to start here. Look at guitarists from the genre of music you want to play to get an idea of what guitars they use.

Settle on the style and size

Pick what you think stylistically looks the best. If you’re after a certain colour or shape, focus in on those. There are a number of body sizes, which produce different sounds and either come with or without a body cutaway.

Which Size works for you?

Our suggestion for guitar size according to age as follows:

7 to 13 Years old – 38 inch (39 inch guitars are also suitable for young learners)

13 to adult – 38 inch, 39inch, 40 inch and above

Size isn’t the most important thing for a good guitar.Anyone can start on any sized guitar as long as they feel comfortable.

Determine how much you are willing to spend & our Suggestions

Decide your budget. A decent acoustic Guitar would not cost you a lot.

You can to start with our cheaper model(Cowboy Acoustic Guitar) if you are unsure about picking guitar as your new hobby, in a budget and prefer a wee-bit smaller size.

Cowboy Acoustic Guitar(38 inch)

If you are determined to learn Guitar and serious about it, the Premium beginners Acoustic Guitar by Caravan Music is for you! It is the most recommended model for any Serious beginners who choses steel string. It is of better build quality, Strings heights better aligned and overall the best guitar you can get for this price range!

Premium beginners Acoustic Guitar by Caravan Music(40 inch)

Buy Accessories

Every beginners will need few accessories to start or over time. For more information about which accessories you really need please read this article.

If you are still unsure which Guitar is best for you, feel free to drop us a WhatsApp message on : +65 8157 1070 or email us : , Our specialists will be more than happy to be able to help you.

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